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MTB rally in Hoggar massif

singular event that mixes the sports aspect to the spirit of adventure

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sporting legend MTB rally in the heart of Hoggar (southern Algeria)


250km in 7 stages + connections of which a prologue; difference +3600m

Sports venue in the heart of the largest desert of the world, the Sahara. This itinerant raid is a unique singular event that mixes the sports aspect to the spirit of adventure. It caters to all the practitioners of mtb looking for sensations and new spaces.

It is a complete immersion in the desert where at every step you make fun at your own pace (category hiker) on both technical and physical, pure mountain bike course in the middle of awe-inspiring scenery. Every night we will meet in the desert for startling bivouacs in the Tuareg atmosphere unparalleled, with our logistics team. A week out of time, to the discovery of the country of the Tuareg.

Departing from Tamanrasset (1470 m), the city of the desert, this sport adventure out of the ordinary enters Hoggar National Park by making a large loop that climbs to the col de Assekrem (2500 m), prestigious Summit on which is built the Hermitage of father Charles de Foucault. Tracks varied, sometimes technical or physical, rolling or brittle, collars or vertiginous descents climbs, you’ll join your traces those camels. You will evolve in a variety of sumptuous landscapes, at the top of the mountains or at the bottom of the valleys: vast regs of basalt, needles and volcanic peaks, wadis endless chaos of blocks to singular forms, generous oasis nestled in the hollow of the pools, nomadic camps. Each day you can attend the magic color and the Sun, the levant or sometimes breathtaking sunset.

For hikers, this journey will be a great Saharan adventure where you concilierez fun mountain biking and discovery of another people. Personal challenge without chrono.

Trophy MTB of Hoggar - sporting rally in southern Algeria

History of the event

The Hoggar mountain bike trophy is at the initiative of a partnership since 2004 between Sableo (France) and ONAT (Algerian national agency of tourism), with the approval of the Algerian Ministry of tourism and the Wilaya of Tamanrasset.

The event was held from 2005 over several years.

The event is for now suspended due to various events in the Sahel region.