escalade au soleil sud de france catalogne


Enter the 3rd dimension

sessions introduction to advanced, internships France and abroad...

Canyoning Pyrénées Orientales


Slides, jumps,waterfall abseils...Immerse yourself in a new experience

The most beautiful canyons: level introduction to sports - summer / winter

via ferrata du fenouilledes parcours la panoramique


Air hike on a landscaped cliff

via ferrata of Fenouillèdes , Pyrénées and Spain -from introduction to sports

guide randonnée montagnes, chateaux cathares, sahara, hoggar, canaries


The pleasure of discovery walk

Cathar castles, mountains, deserts...

stage Biker vtt, raid vtt sud de France, Algérie Hoggar


Far from the tracks frequented, bike towards new horizons

Session Development MTB - specialist MTB bike tour France and abroad

guide spécialiste du désert Sahara, Hoggar tassilis, Maroc


Travel in the desert: Sahara, Hoggar, Tassili, Morocco

In the movement of sands and the immutability of rocks...

Qi gong intiation perfectionnement et stage qi gong randonnée avec une monitrice professeur de Qi gong


Chinese energy art

sessions - coaching - hiking & Qi gong - Professor graduated from Qi gong

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Thierry ROCQUE – SabléO team manager

Specialist of outdoor & adventure activities: Canyoning, Climbing, Via ferrata, Hiking, Trekking, MTB

in the Pyrénées-Orientales, South of France, Spain and faraway destinations

Professional qualified Instructor guide, more than 20 years of experience in coaching and teaching

Competence and good mood, to give the tone to your sporting adventures

SabléO is certified Qualité Tourisme Occitanie Sud de France” & “Qualité Tourisme

sableo label qualité tourisme occitanie sud de france et qualite tourisme

Canyoning, Climbing, Via ferrata, Hiking, Trekking, MTB

SabléO : Mountains, Deserts... and on Earth

Thierry ROCQUE

Thierry ROCQUE


guide moniteur professionnel diplômé d'Etat français
Canyoning / Rock climbing / Cycling / Mountain leader

Competence and good mood to share with you my passion and set the tone in your sports adventures!

A job, a passion and the pleasure of sharing

It starts with a passion climbing, mountain, large spaces... and a spirit of adventure and discovery.
The desire to share this passion came logically: a trade, teach and coach

After a first experience of coaching forged in various structures of adventure and outdoor activities, I founded my own company in 2001.

I started with the hike/trekking and the mtb Bike tours in France, then specializing from 2004 on the desert (Sahara, southern Algeria - Hoggar, Morroco...).
In partnership with the Algerian official bodies, I organised as early as 2005 the "Trophy Mtb of Hoggar", great sports mtb rally in 8 days through this mythical mountain, country of the Tuareg. This trophy was renewed several years on.
Various trips resulted in each year, share my expertise and my various locations in this region.

Very quickly will are added the activities of climbing, canyoning, via ferrata activity day or training courses, mainly in France: Pyrenees Orientales, southern France, but also in Spain and abroad.
These are the activities that I practice regularly throughout the year.

During my travels and explorations, I regularly discover new destinations "coup de coeur" to offer.

In a process of evolution and progress, to always provide quality professional services, I got for my company "Qualité Occitanie-Sud de France" and "Qualité tourisme" label since 2014.

To meet the different demands and substantial groups I collaborate with colleagues partners.

Since the beginning, the same spirit guides me: friendliness and competence to give the tone to your sporting adventures