coaching et stage escalade pyrénées espagne


on the cliffs South of France Pyrenees - Orientales and Spain - Catalonia

the pleasure of climbing all year round

escalade en grande voie pyrénées orientales


South of France, Languedoc, Pyrenees, Calanques - Spain, Catalonia

Ascension Day - stage several days


South of France, Pyrenees-Orientales

personalized session

escalade juniors scolaire


Field trip, holiday camp

Introduction in natural environment and indoor

stage escalade pyrénées-orientales siurana margalef


in Pyrenees-Orientales - Spain

Vingrau, Tautavel, Siurana, Margalef...

Information / Booking +33 (0)6 79 95 78 44

Rock climbing Pyrenees-Orientales Spain

South of  France, Catalonia…and faraway destinations

The rock climbing

Understand the world of vertical, it is entering a new universe where you will create your own choreography with the rock at each ascension.

Climbing in the Pyrenees-Orientales remains a privileged destination [/ h3a] thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate allowing us to climb throughout the year, but also by the variety and quality of its climbing sites. During the geological history of the Department, during the formation of the Pyrenees, nature has shaped us a multitude of walls and cliffs which fall around 3 main valleys that cross the Pyrenees-orientales:

  • To the North, the foothills of the Corbières, with its limestone cliffs ( Vingrau, Tautavel, Opoul, la Pierrelys,…)
  • At the centre of the Pyrenees mountains with the Canigou massif and its great walls and granite (Casteil, pilier Saint Martin, petit Yosemite,…)
  • To the South the Albères and Vallespir with its cliffs of gneiss and granite (Sorède, Rimbau,…)

Between these landscapes of sea and mountain, the climber has here all the ingredients for a rich and varied climbing under our Mediterranean sun trip.

Another asset of the Pyrénées-Orientales is the proximity of Spain with its region of Catalonia, our neighbour. It is also an ideal playground for climbing, with accessible day sites, or for a few days.


  • climbing coaching session : introduction to advanced, Session personalized with the advice of a pro
  • climbing development internship : in Tautavel and Vingrau – Pyrenees-orientales
  • climbing development internship : in Spain, Catalonia in Siurana and Margalef
  • stage escalade à la carte : France , south of France (Jonte, Calanques,…) – faraway destinations ( Canary Islands, Morroco, Hoggar, Thaïlande,…)
  • big walls : South of France, Pyrenees-Orientales, Aude – Spain, Catalonia


  • climbing for juniors : for educational, field trip, holiday camp
  • adapted climbing for handi-sport
  • climbing for teens in trouble

Professional qualified Instructor guide, more than 20 years of experience in coaching and teaching

Specialist of outdoor & adventure activities: Canyoning, climbing, Via ferrata, hiking, mountain biking

in the Pyrénées-Orientales, South of France, Spain and abroad

Competence and good mood, to give the tone to your sporting adventures

SabléO is certified “Qualité Tourisme Occitanie Sud de France” & “Qualité Tourisme

sableo label qualité tourisme occitanie sud de france et qualite tourisme

Rock climbing pyrénées-Orientales Spain

Rock climbing Pyrenees-Orientales Spain
Note générale

SabléO : Mountains, Deserts... and on Earth

Climbing coaching session in Pyrenees-Orientales - Destination Sud de France

seance coaching escalade



With the councils advised a instructor

You want to take a first step in the activity

I am telling you the bases of gesture and technique to capture the vertical world

A personalized and progressive session

Individual or collective session throughout the year.

  • activity from 2h from half day
  • from 8/10years
  • PRICE from 49€
seance coaching escalade perfectionnement



A coach to plan your training sessions

You practice already but you want progress

Manage leading, improve your technique, take a grade more, mastering the abseil, understand the technique of the big wall...

Session personalized according to your goals

Individual or collective session throughout the year.

  • activity from 2h to half day
  • from 11 years
  • PRICE from 49€
escalade en grande voie pyrénées orientales sud de france catalogne



A vertical adventure in scope

The pleasure of climbing, the pleasure of the height, the major routes lead us in another vertical adventure: relay in wall, reminders...

You already have experience of climbing (french grade 4 mini) I can make you discover the techniques of climbing in big walls on the cliffs of Vingrau and the Pyrénées-Orientales, Caroux, gorges de la Jonte, Calanques,Catalogne, Espagne (Montserrat, Vilanova...)

Year-round on reservation

  • activity half day/full day/internship
  • from 12/14 years
  • PRICE from 200€

Climbing internship in France Pyrenees - Catalonia - Spain - Faraway Destinations

stage escalade perfectionnement vingrau tautavel pyrénées orientales Vingrau Tautavel
+ more



The limestone of the Pyrénées-Orientales and its Mediterranean climate

the Valley of Vingrau and Tautavel

this internship is aimed at those who want to hone their climbs (followers of the indoor or the sites natural) while emphasizing the discovery and the travel on new cliffs, in an atmosphere of friendliness and in a good mood, in the heart of this wine-producing Valley, high place of prehistory.

grade 5a minimum

  • internship 4 days
  • adulte / 6 persons max
  • PRICE from 375€
    marketed with the agency Inextremis-Aventura
stage escalade Siurana Margalef Catalogne Espagne
+ more



On the emblematic sites of sport climbing in Catalonia

Siurana - Margalef

this internship is aimed at thosewho want to improve their climbs (followers of the rooms or natural sites) while emphasizing the discovery and travel on by new cliffs, which combines the best climbers in the world, in a Spanish atmosphere: friendliness and good humour.

Grade 5c minimum

  • internship 5 days
  • adult / 6 persons max
  • PRICE from 525€
    marketed with the agency Inextremis-Aventura
stage séjour escalade à l'étranger



in France, Spain and faraway destinations

For groups or from 2 people

I can offer you courses climbing on the destination of your choice : France (Les Calanques, la Jonte...) - Spain (Siurana, Margalef, Montserrat, Andalousie...), Canary Islands, Morroco, Hoggar, Thaïland...

Do not hesitate to contact me for a custom quote

Climbing public school,holiday camp / specific publics / Handi-sport

escalade scolaire centre loisirs juniors


SESSION and CYCLE climbing junior

Field trip, holiday camp

a program adjusted your expectations

Cycle learning sessions climbing, fun workshops, Tyrolean, via ferrata... during your stay or Tautavel in the Pyrénées-Orientales

do not hesitate to contact me for a custom quote

  • activity half day / full day / cycle
  • from 6 yars
escalade adaptée public handicapé handisport


SESSION of climbing suitable

for public disability physic; mental

learning activity under a programme of concerted

sessions adapted in climbing or workshops vertical indoor to implement game motor skills, cognitive, emotional, social or natural medium

do not hesitate to contact me for a custom quote

  • activity half day / full day / cycle
  • from 10 yars
escalade ados en difficulté réinsertion



for children and teenagers in difficulty / reintegration

challenges to achieve with Group and individual

establishment of special sessions, workshops climbing, vertical, multi-activity courses.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a custom quote

  • activity half day / full day / cycle
  • from 10 years

The rules and general guidelines for the CLIMBING activity

  • Health : good physical condition is necessary for the practice of the climbing activity.
  • Vertigo: should be confused Vertigo (which is a disorder of the inner ear) with the apprehension of vacuum and the height that is managed with learning, experience and self-confidence decision-making.
  • Limits / constraints of the material: activity will be not accessible to people of more than 105kg.
  • activity at risk: Like any outdoor activity, climbing is considered a risky activity. It is highly recommended that you have your own "individual accident" insurance.

  • Equipment provided : For activities day, I provided to you the specific climbing gear collective and individual (helmet and harness) if you do not have one.

    Possibility of climbing shoes: if you do not, I can provide you, within the limits of availability.

    Supplement for a pair of climbing shoes: 2€ (between 38 and 43 french sizes).

    For internships see the indications on the data sheet of the internship.

  • You must bring with you : a bottle of water (1.5-2L), snacks (cookies, bars.. cereal), clothing suitable for sport and weather conditions.
  • Camera and video camera: for cameras type Gopro, I have helmets with adequate support.
  • Limits / constraints of the material: activity will be not accessible to people of more than 105kg.

    For people of strong body/strong chest/belly prominent/strong thighs it is important to indicate on the booking to adjust the choice of equipment that I can provide you with.

  • Certain activities are feasible as the weather conditions and the time of year.
  • By security measure, output may be postponed or cancelled.

  • The price : For activities in the day, >a reduction is possible for families and groups based on the number of registrants. les chèques-vacances ANCV sont acceptés.
  • The rate includes the coaching of the activity with possibly the loan of equipment (see hardware supplied) without climbing shoes. The rate does not include "individual accident" insurance. It's up to you to own yours
  • A prior reservation is required by phon or e-mail. If I am not reachable (because surely in activity), leave me a message on the answering machine, I would remind you as soon as possible.
  • Number of persons minimum to ensure the activity :

    climbing session introduction/advanced : from 2 persons.

    Big walls: from 1 person.

    If you are single, you will be integrated on an already programmed outing.

    An additional fee will be requested to organize an activity if the minimum of participants is not reached.

  • For groups a 35% deposit may be requested. In the event of your cancellation less than 48 h before, the deposit will be retained. In case of cancellation of the guide for reason of safety(weather...), another date will be proposed to you, otherwise you will be reimbursed.
  • Settlement modeyou can adjust by cheques, cash or french ANCV cheques. Credit cards are not accepted

  • After validation of your booking, schedule and a specific appointment location you will be communicated to find themselves (roadbook + info GPS). It is generally a well to find parking.

    It is sometimes more convenient to meet near the location of practice to make you come to Tautavel to my information-place to then leave the place of activity.

    For sessions that will take place on Tautavel or nearby, the meeting place will be in front my Sableo information-place in Tautavel.

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