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Canyoning in gorges of Galamus

An ideal introduction canyon trip for all family

canyoning in gorges galamus


fun canyon half-day

the aquatic delights for all

canyoning in gorges of galamus 66


A limestone canyon in a sumptuous setting

all the best ingredients of the canyon at your fingertips

canyoning in gorges of galamus


Activity for groups, stag and hen parties

professional quality, custom coaching

Information / Booking +33 (0)6 79 95 78 44

Canyoning in gorges of Galamus

Pyrenees-Orientales, Saint Paul de Fenouillet

Canyoning in gorges of Galamus

Canyoneering gorges of Galamus : a magnificent limestone canyon to the turquoise waters in the foothills of the Corbieres – easy and fun

North of Pyrenees-Orientales, in the commune of Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet, canyoning in the gorges of Galamus are part of remarkable sites of the Department. The Agly River here cut the massif of the Corbieres by an impressive parade on 2 km in length beetwen the villages of Cubieres-sur-Cinoble and SAint-Paul-de-Fenouilet.

On the portion that we practice in canyoning, the canyon of Galamus tighten gradually, leaving us evolve between 2 cliffs of more than 100 m high on each side. It is a progressive course that winds between the basins and natural pots (easy jumps), interspersed with a multitude of waterfalls without much difficulty in the midst of a decor unsuspected wild and magical.
It is a course suitable for the introduction to canyoning, ideal for the discovery of the canyoning in family, between friends, group or individual. No prior experience of activity is necessary, no big jump is required, which allows everyone to progress according to its capabilities. It is a good choice for stag and hen parties.

Near Saint-paul-de-Fenouillet, access to the gorges of Galamus’s canyon  is very easy by car. Panoramic parking on the Gorge serves as a starting point for the activity.

See nearby:

  • A small balcony road crosses the gorges de Galamus, to follow on foot for partners who will not make the activity
  • the Hermitage of Galamus 15 mn walk from the car park
  • the Cathar castles Peyrepertuse, Quéribus, Puilhaurens
  • the via ferrata of Fenouilledes




Professional qualified Instructor guide, more than 20 years of experience in coaching and teaching

Specialist of outdoor & adventure  activities: Canyoning, climbing, Via ferrata, hiking, mountain biking

in the Pyrénées-Orientales, South of France, Spain and abroad

Competence and good mood, to give the tone to your sporting adventures

SabléO is certified “Qualité Tourisme Occitanie Sud de France” & “Qualité Tourisme

sableo label qualité tourisme occitanie sud de france et qualite tourisme

Canyoning in gorges of Galamus

GEO:42.835690, 2.480321

Canyoning in gorges of Galamus

The multi-purpose canyon by excellence

It really is the canyon for fun and discover the activity without apprehension. No abseil with rope, jumps up to 7 m (not compulsory).

For whom ?


  • Child From 10 years
  • Adult
  • Over-50s

Individual 40€

Price 2021


The extras

  • A camera waterproof available for the Group
  • Possibility of video with Gopro camera on request
  • All the equipment neoprene supplied
  • Possibility of loan shoes

Technical specifications Canyon Gorges of Galamus

Canyoning Gorges of Galamus

Course very accessible because all obstacles can be bypass
But it is a very playful canyon with jumps up to 7 m,
What makes it very interesting for the most sporting

  • Difficulty : INTRODUCTORY
  • Technique : 1/5
  • Playful : 5/5

  • progress in the canyon : 2h about
  • Approach : 15mn - flat
  • Return : 15mn - ascent
Counting the time equipment and desequipement activity takes 1/2 day.

No jump is mandatory

Very playful Canyon with many easy jumps, progressive heights.
Jumps from 1m to 4m.
Jump of 7 m is possible for the most sporting.

Several small slides in the first part of the course.
Slides up to 6 m in the second part. The largest can be bypassed.

Any abseil with rope

Crossing swim

The second half of the course contains several swimming pools.
The longest is about 35 m.
There's no rapids in the canyon of the gorges de Galamus, neoprene suits will also help you float.

The rules and general guidelines for the CANYONING activity

  • Health : good physical condition is necessary for the practice of the activity. The canyons have often walking approach and return with the difference. We should have no medical contraindications for canyoning(problem of back, joint, sensitivity to cold, medical treatment, asthma...). Canyoning is also not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Namely, swim and immerse themselves : You shouldn't have apprehension to put his head under water, which often happens at the reception of the slides and jumps.
  • Minimumage required : I tells you next canyons an average minimum age. It may vary in capacity and development of each child. But must be taken into account that the activity is challenging even for the introduction trip where the descent lasts about 2 hours. This requires a good physical strength and a good resistance to cold, which is often difficult before 10 years.
  • Glasses and contact lenses Sunglasses: For the glasses, If you can do without, plan a retaining cord. If you have contact lenses Sunglasses, use disposable models because you could lose one after a jump or a slide. You can bring a spare pair.
  • Limits / constraints of the hardware: The activity will be not accessible to more than 110kg and/or more than 2 m people.
  • activity at risk: Like any outdoor activity, canyoning is considered a risky activity. It is highly recommended that you have your own "individual accident" insurance.

  • Equipment provided : I provide you for the specific material of canyoning activity(Isothermal wetsuit, helmet, harness with tails, socks neoprene, t-shirt lycra-neoprene for the sensitive of cold, if necessary gloves, collective drybag...)
  • You must bring with you : a swimsuit, a towel, shoes of sport with a good footing for thewalking and closed on the front (trainers, hikking shoes... à proscrire: inappropriate sandals or shoes of sea/windsurfing). Plan also a bottle of water (solid plastic) gourde metal (risk of bumps with shock) and snacks (cookies, bars.. cereal), a pair of shoes to the back of the canyon.
  • Possibility of shoes for the activity : If you don't have a proper footwear for canyoning, I can provide you with.

    Free according to availability (french size of 36 to 47).

  • Camera and video-camera: You can bring your camera only if it is waterproof . It is impossible to take no-waterproof camera, which do not guarantee total bags and shock tightness when they are thrown into the cascades. For type Gopro waterproof cameras, I have helmets with suitable support.

    I give for group a waterproof camera. Pictures will be then send you Internet free of charge. On request, I can shoot with my Gopro camera the canyon trip. Any DVD costs will be your responsibility.

  • Limits / constraints of the hardware :

    For large people / busty / protruding belly / strong thighs it is important to indicate on the booking to adjust the selection of clothes that I can provide you with.

  • Canyoning in Pyrénées-Orientales and Aude : The practice of the canyoning is regulated in the Pyrénées-Orientales and Aude. Outside the permitted year-round warm thermal canyon, the other canyons are allowed between April and October.
  • The weather and the water level condition the feasibility of canyons. Some are passable as early as April/May, others from June to October.
  • For safety, an output can be shifted or cancelled.

  • The shown price is for individual registrationReduction is possible for families and groups based on the number of registrants.The french ANCV cheques are accepted.
  • The rate includesthe supervision of the activity of canyoning with the loan of equipment(see hardware provided). The rate does not include "individual accident" insurance. It's up to you to own yours
  • A prior reservation is required by phon or e-mail. During the summer it is better to book by phone for the outputs of the same week, the number of participants for each output is limited to 10 people for a canyon guide. If I am not reachable (because surely in activity), leave me a message on the answering machine, I would remind you as soon as possible.
  • Number of persons minimum to ensure the activity : From 4 persons. If you are single, you will be integrated on an already programmed outing.

    A supplement may be requested to organize a canyon with less than 4 people. Non-summer period, I can organize output on some half day from 2 people, canyons with supplement.

  • For groups a 35% deposit may be requested. In the event of your cancellation less than 48 h before, the deposit will be retained. In case of cancellation of the guide for reason of safety(weather...), another date will be proposed to you, otherwise you will be reimbursed.
  • Method of payment you can adjust by cheques, cash or french ANCV cheques. Credit cards are not accepted

  • For each canyon After validation of your booking, schedule and a specific appointment location you will be communicated to find themselves (roadbook + info GPS). It is generally a well to find parking.

    Indeed, the canyons being distributed throughout the Department, it is much more convenient to meet near the location of practice to make you come to Tautavel to my information-place to then leave the place of activity.

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  • Buy one or more gift vouchers online, for you or beneficiaries.
  • You will receive directly by mail coupons to print
  • Contact me then to fix together a date for the activity
  • (gift vouchers are valid on one year -
  • non-refundable)
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ermitage des gorges de Galamusthe Hermitage of the gorges de Galamus

The canyons in Pyrénées-Orientales and Aude

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